Abo Slim Garden

Design Concept: What follows is a place explored and experienced chronologically by children as they grow, the range of park usage accumulates relative to the child’s age, starting with an experience of the senses at 10% where the mother comes with the stroller accompanied by her friends or to meet friends, and the child experiences the place through the senses; seeing the colors, hearing the sounds and smelling the grass. Then at the age of 6 months the scope of experience increases to 25% where that child‘s able to sit, touch and play on textured surfaces such as grass and sand pits, and insofar starts to explore play objects such as swings and slides, by the age of two years old the usage increases to 50% of the park where the child starts exploring the park from slightly higher grounds through grass hills and concrete cubes and at 5 years old with the possibilities of running, jumping and cycling the child starts to use 70% of the park and finally by the age of 12 years old the child is able to skillfully utilize all of the play equipment through physical and creative means, resulting in a 100% usage of the park.
The masterplan design for Abo Slim park was developed to achieve two notions that fur-ther emphasize the project’s intent, one is the overlapping of surface materials and the other is the outer streamline of those surfaces, con-sidering that one of the principle goals of the urban development project is to implement recreational spaces for women and children, the project takes into account the philosophy found in the mother carrying the child, that is, to reinterpret the child’s wild and curious nature into the clusters of playgrounds con-tained by the mother’s protective and encour-aging approach expressed in the interlocking pathways formulated with an array of com-monly used and familiar materials that will be used for walking, running or cycling.

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