Al Guarsha National Park

The National Park of Al Guarsha will set new standards for city park design and sustainability in Libya and beyond. The design will create a new Park on the southern edge of Benghazi, bringing together communities and people from all walks of life, to enjoy a myriad of different active and passive leisure pursuits whilst fostering an appreciation of the natural environment. A key intention is to create a unique contemporary Libyan design character to the Park, enhancing a deeper understanding of Libyan traditions and culture, the vernacular of the region and use of materials along with the cultural and social use of the external environment.

The new Park, occupying a site of 600 hectares will transform the landscape of Al Guarsha to accommodate traditional,

recreational and relaxation pastimes with a range of new and challenging activities and themes provided for the benefit of the wider community. These will excite, inspire and heighten awareness of the natural world, sustainability, habitat and conservation.