The view of Sebha from the sky is something which is preserved in the memory of anyone who has ever seen it. Despite being crossed and encircled by a fertile agricultural belt, the remote location of the city gives the impression that a massive gust could engulf it back into the desert at any moment. The chosen sites inherit this contrasting condition.
The Green Belt site is located on the current southeast entrance to Sebha, in close proximity to the 2nd ring road and the two main streets entering the city. The zone has already been incorporated in the upcoming 3G masterplan as protected green area and is expected to be clearly defined and enclosed by the future residential growth of the city.
The Ain Krai site is located six kilometers north of Sebha. It is an area that a few decades ago consisted of a large lake surrounded by a forest of palm trees. Although the lake is now desiccated, the site is still fascinating and characterized by its endless space, with views towards a high plateau and the dunes.