The Rift – Dubai

The Rift

“The Rift” residential tower is a part of the Dubiotech Biotechnology and Research Park Development in Dubai. The 22-story tower, when completed, would house 400 residents in 170 units. All units are designed to maximize the views of the park for those on rear side and the city skyline for those on the front side of the building. The parking structure would be three stories with an amenity deck on the podium level featuring spacious pools and cabanas that afford a view of the city.
The ground level leasing office/ retail area will feature a dynamic lounge and outdoor patio. All of the ground floor perimeter shops will have walk-out stoops with landscaping and direct access to the sidewalk and the energy of downtown.
The Rift concept designates to the term in geology as a linear zone where the Earth’s crust and lithosphere are being pulled apart.