University of Tripoli – Dental Faculty

The new Faculty of Dentistry is the southern part of a new complex that includes the Faculty of Technical Medicine with facilities shared by both faculties. The combined facilities are central to the new complex and open up views from the east to the proposed central Library. The plan and treatment of the faculty is very much determined by its adjacency to this proposed keynote university building. In scale and mass, the new Faculty must not dominate and must create a suitable “back-cloth”. Equally the juxtaposition with the library and the ceremonial space which we will call the Library Court is fundamental and the link between the two has been a key driver to the design of the faculty.

A simple plan and form, to ensure maximum flexibility, is contemporary in look whilst upholding the key tenets of the Islamic tradition in the design.
All vernacular architecture generally reflects a profound understanding of how to design structures that work within a given set of climatic conditions.
Many of the techniques that the west are currently adopting in an effort to provide more energy efficient buildings have been used in the Islamic world for centuries – thermal mass, passive solar gain, natural cross-ventilation, sun shading etc. All these principles have been adopted in the design of the Dental Faculty along with many of the traditional architectural devices that have been developed so successfully in this context such as the courtyard, the colonnade/arcade, the veranda/loggia and the gallery.