Smart City

Rock and sand. What r the possibilities. This isn’t a conclusion, it’s the start of an idea. Flexibility is at the heart of the concept. Large, medium, small. Build more, build less. An open space, a square, a flexible place for events. Underground workshops open to the sky, for entrepreneurs. Exhibition space opens to the square. A library and a mosque part of the social event. Let’s bring acacus to Tripoli. We can build high, this project is being built next to our site. Let’s reduce the height of the buildings on the other side to be more in line with the housing community. Cafes, shops and restaurants open to the square, dynamic social gatherings at different levels. We build height, we build low, we build more, we build less, a decision we can still take. This is the start, the beginning, a direction has been set, we can conclude together and reach a decision that fits well, a customized design for a client wanting something unique. Bringing the depth of Libya to the foreground. Tripoli a place for all Libyans the beauty of Libya is the artistic influence of this design. Design influenced by the nature in Libya, designed by Libyans. A good start, others can join and help reach the clients requirements. Experience, no experience, architect, architect student, male female, young, not young. All played a part in designing. We love our history, we love the natural treasure of our land. We created and idea, this idea can be large or small scale, it can be sustainable, it can be open to all. Another square is needed for today’s social life, social events. We have a square; it’s a unique square, next to the old city. We need another square, a modern square that can cater for today’s events. Historically, the mosque has always been the centre of the city, surrounded by shops, gardens, and open spaces for events. The library is the heart of education. Both need to be visible, accessible, easy to get to, and easy to use. The entrance is important, it is the first experience as people travels through it. The main entrances to the main buildings, and the buildings in the square have been intentionally made important. The site is open to all, one can walk through the buildings to reach the square. Trees and parks between the buildings and the housing communities. Parks for families and kids to enjoy, within r enclosed space for play, cafes, and events. Turning something inside out, bringing whats far close.