Zliten Stadium

Main task for Zliten football stadium is to obtain highest standards and services for matches at the African cup of Nations which was planned to be held in Libya in 2017.
It is supposed to host group cup matches for up to 15 000 spectators. However, organization of every event demand vast areas of attendant and service facilities. Nevertheless, security is the biggest issue. Safe approach and exit for everybody in the stadium, from players and officials to spectators, is essential.
Their circulation and approach roots should be divided and separated into sectors. Still, there are many other factors that are important in order to establish comfortable stadiums.
Circulation of the spectators should be divided and solved by different sectors. Those sectors are often set by fire regulations, but they are crucial for architectural values of the stadium. By FIFA standards, 4 circles of spectators entrance check should be provided. Also, they should always be separated to ordinary and VIP or VVIP spectators. For VIP and VVIP spectators, separate entrances, lobbies and lodges should be provided. Also, independent entrances and circulation roots for players should be provided. They should approach their private parking by team bus, hidden from the eyes of the ordinary spectators.
Other very important factors of each stadium are public services. Food courts, retail shops, restaurants and bars are main services linked directly to spectators. Therefore, proper amount of each should be provided and set to be accessible to each sector. Also, they are of big financial importance to the stadium. In addition, environment zones are accessible even when there are no matches provided, in order to keep the stadium alive.
Media area is always set as individual but important part of each event. They always have separate approach and circulations, but access to every important sector of the stadium. Commentators and camera positions are defined by strict technical issues, overlooking every corner of the stadium. Flash interview zones and conference hall is always connected with the players area while there is necessity for connection with VIP sector as well.
However, the stadium is vast and complex system created from many single factors that enable an event to be successful.

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